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Propylene Glycol Alginate


Propylene Glycol Alginate is made by esterification of the carboxyl groups in alginic acid with propylene glycol groups. It is soluble in both cold and hot water and forms smooth and viscous solutions.


Sodium alginate is also soluble in water but it becomes insoluble at low pH or at high concentrations of calcium as alginic acid or calcium alginate are formed.


Food Applications

PGA is not gelled with polyvalent cations and is stable in the pH3 – 5 range. It is used as a thickener and stabilizer for foods which contain calcium or low pH.

One application is as an emulsion stabilizer for salad dressings where PGA is used in combination with xanthan gum. 
Another application is a dispersion stabilizer for acid milk beverages, where PGA is used to avoid precipitation.


PGA is evaluated by JECFA; it is different from alginic acid and its salts because PGA has propylene glycol in the structure.
ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) of PGA is 0~70mg/kg bw.


Grades of PGA are classified depending on the viscosity and the percentage of esterified carboxyl groups.

Selection Guide (Typical Products)

Food / Pharmaceutical grade

KIMILOID - Emulsion stabilizer

Standard type

Viscosity (1% solution at 20℃)
LVC 70 - 170 mPa・s
HVC 200 - 600 mPa・s*

*600 - 1,200 mPa・s at 1.25%

High esterification type

LLV 15 - 35 mPa・s
NLS - K 30 - 60 mPa・s
LV 60 - 100 mPa・s
MV 100 - 150 mPa・s
HV 150 - 250 mPa・s

KIMILOID - Beverage foam stabilizer

AB 10 - 40 mPa・s

KIMILOID - Beer foam stabilizer

Viscosity (2% solution at 25℃)
BF 50 - 200 mPa・s

Products listed above are typical grades only and other grades are available.
Appropriate products would be proposed after consultation.


Safety Data Sheet

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